The M2-PLUS* Water-based drilling fluid system

The M2-PLUS* water-based drilling fluid system from Universal Fluid Services (UFS) is proven to address environmental concerns associated with oil-based fluids, provide shale inhibition, reduce torque and drag, and optimize the total cost of its use.

This video about the M2-PLUS Drilling Fluid System addresses the following key questions:
a. Why is the M2-PLUS Drilling System gaining so much interest in the market?
b. Why are some drillers hesitant to use water-based fluid systems?
c. Should a water-based fluid system like the M2-PLUS be used in every application?


Significant Cost Savings

Eliminates most diesel, lowers solids control costs, and renders most haul-offs unnecessary.


Reduced Rig Time

In many cases, Operators have seen 1-3 day reductions in days on well in the production interval.



Alternative to Oil-Based DF

Extended-Reach Well

Multiple Coring Runs

Success in Midway Shale