Helping You Optimize Your Drilling Fluid System and Its application

  • On-Site Fluid Specialists:

    Our dedicated staff is highly experienced in drilling and completion fluids. Our specialists have an average of 21 years of hands-on field experience.

  • Waste Management:

    We have joined forces with industry leaders in waste management to design and implement proven solids control strategies to accompany our fluids offerings. This combined service package provides transparency in the true costs associated with providing both fluids and waste management.

  • Hydraulics Analysis:

    Our proprietary use of current analytic software enables us to model precise ECD, Surge/Swab pressures-even taking into account things like tool joints, hole eccentricity, and variable pump and ROP rates.

  • End of Well Data/Recap:

    Every project, no matter its size, is culminated with an end of well fluids usage report and performance recap as well as all data relevant to the services we performed. Once again, complete transparency.